Java REPL: JShell

10 minute read

Using Java in terminal console. Running Java code without compilation. Creating executable scripts in Java.


14 minute read

Hashing in Java: data structures, collections, security, cryptography

LibreWolf review

10 minute read

Private Firefox-based browser for Linux and macOS.

Heisenbugs in Java

4 minute read

Debugging Heisenbugs in Java and other creatures.


3 minute read

Read why some Japanese martial arts and Zen concept should be apply to software development.

Ubuntu Privacy 101

3 minute read

Linux is more private OS. Learn basic setup that increases privacy even more.

Java: Sniper Code

less than 1 minute read

Follow ten simple rules and become Java sniper.

Books: AI

1 minute read

Trending books on AI. How high-tech affects geopolitics and vice versa.


less than 1 minute read

SOLID principle explained.

Groovy Intro

5 minute read

Intro to Groovy language.

Groovy: Why Spock?

1 minute read

Why to use Spock - a Groovy testing framework?


3 minute read

Shifting bits explained with examples.


1 minute read

Bitwise operators explained with examples.