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Code with joy and determination. Code calm and contemplated.

A quick and dirty solution leads nowhere. Concentrate on resolving the real problem.

Your greatest opponent is an enemy hacker. Harden your code.

Clean code is like a clean shot. Complete your task and change your assignment.

Double-checking and testing your code prolongs your life.

Practice task estimation.

Master fundamentals and JVM internals.

One code kata per day keeps impostor syndrome away.

Never leave your laptop unlocked or your account logged in.

Programming is ten times debugging and one time coding.

kyudo symbol calligraphy
Kyūdō (弓道) is the Japanese art of archery, originating from feudal era kyūjutsu (弓術).
Main rule of learining says: seisha seichū (正射正中), meaning "correct shooting is correct hitting".
Mental and technical perfection should be the goal of a practitioner,
leading him or her to Zen-like munen musō (無念無想) stance: "no thoughts, no illusions".
Source: Raphael Durand / Wikipedia. GFDL 1.2