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AI is the future of IT, world economy and society. This is the thesis of a recent book authored by Kai-Fu Lee. Kai-Fu Lee, traditional Chinese: 李開復; simplified Chinese: 李开复 - Taiwanese computer scientist, businessman, and writer, educated in the US (Ph.D.), currently based in China, claims that AI will replace most of the professions, making economical and social revolution worldwide. In his book, he quotes domains and areas that will be impacted by technical progress and the result of this process. AI 2041: Ten Visions for Our Future is co-authored by Chinese SF writer, Chen Qiufan (陈楸帆, a.k.a Stanley Chan) who added several short stories about artificial intelligence related to Kai-Fu Lee’s scenarios of the future.

AI 2041 Kai-Fu Lee book cover

Contrary to some Western-centric writers, in AI Superpowers: China, Silicon Valley, and the New World Order, Kai-Fu Lee says that China has a big advantage over Silicon Valley and consortes in high-tech, including production of chips used in AI industry. As the artificial intelligence and its revolutionary impact is coming very quickly, China is the country that is best positioned to compete in the future world. His arguments concern: state policy, which is favourable towards start-ups and strategic investments, large numbers of companies and people involved in, focus and will, not to mention the dependency of the West. Worth reading.

AI Superpowers Kai-Fu Lee book cover

To sum up, both books of Chinese authors, along with recently mentionned Chip War of American Chris Miller, show some existing trends that will be affecting IT industry all over the world with even greater strength in the years to come.