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Reasons to use Spock

  • a few hours to learn and implement Spock tests to business grade applications
  • extremely easy to create test, add test cases, refactor, extend
  • quick execution of test suites
  • lightweight
  • applicable to unit tests, IT, E2E, BDD

More advantages

  • gives clear details where test fails
  • readible methods naming (natural language description)
  • readible given / when / then blocks, often with English didascalia (BDD)
  • can be used along with Java jUnit, Python, Cucumber / Gherkin within the same project


  • testing framework
  • runs on JUnit runner
  • can mock and stub - like Mockito - but it’s included
  • embraces the paradigm of behavior-driven development (BDD)
  • given / when / then declarative style of BDD
  • no assert statemets, no assert methods required (but can use assert keyword -> Groovy truth)
  • see https://meetspock.appspot.com/
  • see https://groovyconsole.appspot.com/
  • Spock is Groovy language testing Java code
  • but the reverse is possible: JUnit Java testing Groovy code , JUnit Groovy (sic!) testing Groovy OR Java code
  • Groovy supports a GroovyTestCase class, which extends the standard TestCase from JUnit


  • space to be created in the classpath (groovy test directory tree in project structure hierarchy)
  • directory marked as Test Sources Root in Intellij IDEA
  • Groovy & Spock dependency to be added to Maven, compatible with JDK / Spring version
  • configured Maven Failsafe or Surefire plugin to run Spock tests (specifications) during Maven build (mvn clean install)
  • sometimes configuration of CI / CD infrastructure (like Jenkins or Bamboo) is needed to run Spock Specs during build / deployment accordingly to project requirements


  • fits business-level applications (also corporate, industry, everything…)
  • no overhead, easy to learn, implement and use
  • unit testing: imho best existing solution
  • IT, E2E, BDD: interesting & promising alternative to other options
  • modern technology, low risk of technical debt


  • official website
  • Spock Up and Running. Writing Expressive Tests in Java and Groovy, Rob Fletcher, O’Reilly, 2017
  • Java Testing With Spock, Konstantinos Kapelonis, Manning, 2016