Short history of the bee (from the avatar pic)

In one of previous projects, I was working with very nice colleagues and great programmers, in an unforgettable, small, elite team called the Wolves. Actually, I had a wonderful opportunity to learn a lot from them at that time. We were once asked to put some pictures or avatars to the company’s Bitbucket, Jira and Slack accounts, to be easily recognized. It was rather big, international project and remote work had just started due to Covid lockdowns.

Being reluctant (as always) to share my picture - I consider myself to be rather pathogenic than photogenic - I just ignored this unrelevant corpo-requirement. Then, my tech leader, the most stoical person I ever met, extremely experienced developer, respected by all our team, knowing that I am hobbyist beekeeper, threw out to me: “Just put something there… Put some bee avatar.” So I did.

I was really happy that I could use a bee avatar instead of a standard, dull picture.

I was not alone. One of my colleagues, who was very keen on wolves and who - it’s not difficult to conclude - invented the name of our team, had used a wolfish avatar. And he had started to use it even before the requirement appeared along with wolf t-shirt and wolf wallpaper. I did not share his passion, always preferring cats to dogs, with a great admiration for ants and bees.

When I was quitting, he told me: “Remember that you would be the wolf forever”. “I will” - I replied.

But I kept the bee.

Toolkit & work environment


Java, Groovy, some Python, learning Scala


Groovy & Spock (UT, IT, E2E). Cucumber & Gherkin for BDD. Preferably not JUnit.


Linux. Do you mind if I close the Windows, please?

VCS & repo

Git and GitHub. Bitbucket is also fine.

Commodore vs Atari

I had a C-64, played with Amiga 600 & 1200.